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Design ~ The Microwave

The Microwave

Design ~ Roar '84

Roar '84

Design ~ To the Bandwagon!

To the Bandwagon!

Design ~ Thunder Lions

Thunder Lions

Design ~ Deeetroit Basketball

Deeetroit Basketball

Design ~ Redford


Design ~ Detroit Football

Detroit Football

Design ~ Fabulous Detroit

Fabulous Detroit

Design ~ My Detroit Players

My Detroit Players

Design ~ Olde Hurons

Olde Hurons

Design ~ Harmony Harmony Harmony

Harmony Harmony Harmony

Design ~ Polish Wings

Polish Wings

Design ~ Old Edgewater Park

Old Edgewater Park

Design ~ The World According to Michigan

The World According to Michigan

Design ~ Detroit's Food Pyramid

Detroit's Food Pyramid

Design ~ Magic Matt #9

Magic Matt #9

Design ~ Kool-Aid & Cornbread

Kool-Aid & Cornbread

Design ~ Detroit Shamrock

Detroit Shamrock

Design ~ Cathedral Wildcats

Cathedral Wildcats

Design ~ I am Detroit

I am Detroit

Design ~ I Love Detroit

I Love Detroit

Design ~ Irish I was here

Irish I was here

Design ~ Michigan Plate State

Michigan Plate State

Design ~ Golf Michigan

Golf Michigan

Design ~ Bowling Capital

Bowling Capital

Design ~ Up Yours

Up Yours

Design ~ Up North

Up North

Design ~ Great Lakes State of Mind

Great Lakes State of Mind

Design ~ Vipers


Design ~ Michigan Talking

Michigan Talking

Design ~ bEast Lansing

bEast Lansing

Design ~ Keep Calm and Go Blue

Keep Calm and Go Blue

Design ~ Not the size of your peninsula, it's how you use i

Not the size of your peninsula, it's how you use i

Design ~ Toledo, Michigan

Toledo, Michigan

Design ~ Kalamazoo Kangaroos

Kalamazoo Kangaroos

Design ~ Taylortucky


Design ~ Opening Day

Opening Day

Design ~ Dearborn


Design ~ Count That Baby!

Count That Baby!

Design ~ Finnish Flag U.P.

Finnish Flag U.P.

Design ~ Detroit Cubed

Detroit Cubed

Design ~ Detroit Evolution

Detroit Evolution

Design ~ Detroit Chaldean Flag

Detroit Chaldean Flag

Design ~ Detroit Albanian Flag

Detroit Albanian Flag

Design ~ Detroit Lebanese Flag

Detroit Lebanese Flag

Design ~ Detroit Serbian Flag

Detroit Serbian Flag

Design ~ Detroit British Flag

Detroit British Flag

Design ~ Detroit Scottish Flag

Detroit Scottish Flag

Design ~ Gichigami


Design ~ Detroit German Flag

Detroit German Flag

Design ~ Detroit Puerto Rican Flag

Detroit Puerto Rican Flag

Design ~ Detroit Israeli Flag

Detroit Israeli Flag

Design ~ Detroit Greek Flag

Detroit Greek Flag

Design ~ Detroit Lithuanian Flag

Detroit Lithuanian Flag

Design ~ Detroit Russian Flag

Detroit Russian Flag

Design ~ Detroit Armenian Flag

Detroit Armenian Flag


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